Late Childhood Immunization? This is what parents must do

Unfortunately, not a few children are late for immunization because parents often forget.

So, what happens if the child is late for immunization? And, how can parents always remember the child's immunization schedule? Come on, find out the answers to all these questions in the review below.

With the busyness that must be lived, there are times when you as a parent may forget the schedule of child immunization.

This makes children late or even miss immunizations.

This also applies if your child is late or missed an immunization that must be done in a series, such as polio.

When children get late for polio immunization, you don't need to worry about having to repeat it from the beginning.

One thing that needs to be underlined is that it is never too late to follow up on immunizations that have already been missed.

Since immunization plays an important role in preventing infectious diseases and dangerous complications, it is important for parents to always remember the child's immunization schedule.

Well, so that children are no longer late in immunization, here are some things that can be done.

Although fairly old-fashioned, making a journal or special note about all your child's development or needs can also be an effective way to remember the schedule of immunization for children, so that children will no longer be late for immunization.

A can also see the schedule of childhood immunizations in the immunization notebook provided by doctors or health providers.

In principle, the child's immunization schedule will be guided by the child's date of birth each month.

Don't hesitate to ask or ask for an explanation to the doctor or midwife regarding the immunization program that the child will do later.

Ask for an explanation of the type of vaccine used, the brand of vaccine, to side effects and other things to watch out for after immunization.

One more important thing, the things that the doctor records in the immunization notebook must also be understood by parents.

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